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Hong Kong (香港 Heūng Góng in Cantonese dialect, which means fragrant Harbor) may be a Special administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China. It’s an area with multiple personalities as a result of being each Cantonese dialect Chinese and having been underneath British colonization. Today, the previous British colony may be a major touristy destination for China’s progressively affluent ground population. It’s a very important hub in East Asia with world connections to several of the world’s cities. It’s a unique destination that has absorbed folks and cultural influences from places as numerous as Vietnam and Vancouver and with pride proclaims itself to be Asia’s World city.

I was quarantined at home as an 8-year-old during the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong. Here's my advice for parents with kids at home now. Janet Lam remembers how her mom kept her active during six weeks off school, and shares four tips for parents navigating the coronavirus crisis now.
Hong Kong to Provide Second Round of Financial Aid to Firms Hong Kong’s government will introduce a second round of financial assistance for businesses affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak, according to Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung.
What Time Out Hong Kong editors are watching while staying home To keep calm, collected, and well...occupied and entertained, read on for some recommendations of the things we're watching right now.
Expect economic pain to last for months, Hong Kong finance chief says Financial Secretary Paul Chan predicts gloomy future for global economy and says city should not expect sort of rebound it experienced after 2003 Sars outbreak.
Coronavirus: Hong Kong tourist dies of Covid-19 in Peru 64-year-old man’s death was reported by South American country’s health ministry Man had reportedly travelled to city of Cusco with his wife and was under quarantine A Hong Kong tourist has died in Peru after contracting Covid-19. Peru’s health ministry announced the death of the 64-year-old man on its website on Saturday, local time. "A man aged 64 from Hong Kong was infected with Covid-19. He was found dead at his address in the region of...
Hong Kong's 'dirty teams': medical workers at the front line of the war against the coronavirus share their stories and fears These doctors and nurses soldier on, despite sleeping in dormitories and not seeing their loved ones for a prolonged period, or getting ostracised by colleagues Anxiety over becoming infected and frustration with insufficient protective gear are always at the back of their minds David (not his real name) is a doctor who works in a Kowloon hospital in Hong Kong, but his colleagues avoid him, and he only goes home once every two weeks to see his...
Coronavirus pandemic has upended schooling in Hong Kong - with parents bearing the brunt The digital divide is evident in how schools deliver e-learning, with parents anxious that their children are losing out and struggling to support them while juggling work The Covid-19 pandemic has put enormous pressure on schools and parents in Hong Kong. It has also manifested educational inequalities entrenched in the city anew. Schools vary in how they deliver e-learning. Although all schools try hard to reach out to students, only a few...
Hong Kong tourist dies of coronavirus in southeastern Peru 64-year-old man’s death was reported by South American country’s health ministry.
Struggling hotels cut rates by half to lure quarantining guests Some of Hong Kong’s hotels are offering long-stay packages for business travellers and students returning from overseas who must undertake 14-day quarantine, as occupancy rates plummet
How Diana Lin went from militant Maoist in the US to the face of English TV news in Hong Kong Deported from San Francisco for overstaying her visa, she went on to become a familiar face on English-language television Now retired, Lin never lost her appetite for politics and attended ‘almost all’ of last year’s protests Ideal childhood: My grandfather went to Hong Kong University and studied Western medicine. There he met Sun Yat-sen, who was a couple of years older, and who asked if he’d join the revolution. He said he couldn’t, he had...
Hong Kong’s ‘dirty teams’: frontline medical staff share stories, fears Doctors and nurses who are the first to deal with highly suspected cases face isolation and loneliness as they lead the war against Covid-19.
Secret Hong Kong police trove tells stories of piracy, war More than 400 historical items at the Hong Kong Marine Police Headquarters tell colourful tales of 178 years of marine law enforcement in the city. Very few people have seen the secret haul, but that might be about to change.
Hong Kong's catering sector struggling amid COVID-19 pandemic | International, MNA, MNA Featured | Hong Kong's catering sector which has not recovered from the aftermath of social unrest last year is facing a second blow from the COVID-19 pandemic.
‘I didn’t shoot anyone’: from militant Maoist to nightly news Diana Lin was a news anchor for Hong Kong television station ATV and presenter of TVB’s The Pearl Report. But before that she was a Maoist. She has never lost her appetite for politics and attended ‘almost all’ of last year’s protests in the city.
Hong Kong asked domestic workers to stay in to stop the spread of coronavirus. But many got infected at home by their employers The Hong Kong government issued guidance on January 30 asking the city's 390,000 domestic workers to remain at home on their day off, when typically they would congregate in large groups in public spaces.
A Touch of Zen star Hsu Feng on working with King Hu The Taiwanese actress, who would become one of the greatest female martial arts stars ever, ‘learned everything’ from King Hu – including, she recalled, how to pour all of her emotions into her eyes for close-up shots.
Get Used to It: This Lockdown Won’t Be the Last New restrictions in Hong Kong show that a single round of constraints won’t be enough to beat the pandemic.
How Hong Kong athletes overcome mental side of injuries From professional athletes to weekend warriors, the mind’s anguish that accompanies a physical ailment can sometimes be a much bigger obstacle.
Opinion | Amid our coronavirus fears in Hong Kong, we are slowly making room for hope There is a cycle of emotions to a pandemic and my fellow Americans are just at its start. This is how we're weathering it in my adopted home.
The story of Swire: a tale of empire and enterprise Robert Bickers’ history of the global company built by John Swire, China Bound: John Swire & Sons and Its World, 1816-1980, is not your average corporate compendium.
Two arrested for allegedly stealing rice as shortage fears spark across Hong Kong Police stopped the pair outside Aeon supermarket in Hung Hom on Friday and found six packs of rice on them.
Why fighting racial barriers means better health for all Coronavirus in Hong Kong: why fighting racial barriers means better health for all
What The SARS Epidemic Can Teach Us About Relationships And Mental Health During The Coronavirus Pandemic The SARS epidemic from the early 2000s offers insights about our relationships and mental health that we can apply to the crisis we're living through now.
Exclusive: Support for Hong Kong protesters' demands rises even as coronavirus halts rallies: poll Support for the demands of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong has grown even as rallies have paused due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a survey conducted for Reuters that also showed a widespread lack of confidence in the government's ability to manage the COVID-19 crisis.
Coronavirus crisis: Cautionary tale emerges from Hong Kong amid second wave of COVID-19 cases A cautionary tale is emerging in Hong Kong, where residents and officials thought the city was on the road to recovery.
Coronavirus crisis: Cautionary tale emerges from Hong Kong amid second wave of COVID-19 cases A cautionary tale is emerging in Hong Kong, where residents and officials thought the city was on the road to recovery.
What Sold at Art Basel in Hong Kong’s Online Viewing Rooms Art Basel’s online version of its Hong Kong fair was one the first major tests of the art industry moving online due to COVID-19.
Coronavirus Police Surveillance Tags Are Now Here: Hong Kong First To Deploy These bracelets monitor people in isolation—if you leave home you are automatically flagged and face arrest.
Hong Kong activates only a third of virus quarantine wristbands as thousands return home Many overseas arrivals in the Asian financial hub of Hong Kong are going unmonitored as they begin two weeks of mandatory self-quarantine, with only a third of the 6,000 electronic wristbands issued to them being activated, authorities said on Friday.
Hedge fund manager apologizes for wiping saliva on Hong Kong metro rail A hedge fund manager in Hong Kong has publicly apologised after a parody video of him licking his finger and wiping it on a hand rail in a metro car went viral, sparking anger in the city which is grappling to contain an outbreak of the new coronavirus.
Hong Kong Galleries Face Harsh Realities without Art Basel in Town The mega-fair’s cancellation and the COVID-19 epidemic have brought the city’s art scene to a standstill during what is usually its busiest season.
Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong Face Second Wave of Coronavirus Cases Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong are witnessing fresh waves of coronavirus infections, as the growing number of cases around the world test their successful early defenses against the disease.
‘The Face of the Coronavirus’: A Hong Kong Student Shunned in Italy Since arriving in Bologna, Ciara Lo said she has been discriminated against at a bank and a police station because she is Chinese.
Cathay Pacific Are Now Adding Flights To U.K/U.S. As Hong Kong Has Coronavirus Under Control Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s largest airline, has been one of the travel companies hit hardest by the outbreak of COVID-19.
Analysis | Hong Kong learned from SARS. Can the United States learn from Hong Kong? Recent history holds lessons for the world's response to the coronavirus epidemic. But there are no quick fixes.
China’s puppet in Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam went from unassuming bureaucrat to the face of Beijing’s authoritarian influence in Hong Kong — and sparked a mass uprising along the way.

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